Terra Bacta

A global alliance for mapping soil-born therapeuthics

Microorganisms have been a valuable source of medicinal drugs that have saved countless lives, however, the rate at which new discoveries are being made is no longer meeting the increasing demand for new treatments, particularly in the face of the growing threat of antibiotic resistance.
We wish to develop an enriched atlas of the global biosynthetic wealth.
Our goal is to share a new and efficient approach to identify, prioritize, and mobilize the untapped bioactive compounds found in soil.Our aim is to work with citizens, scientists and policy makers in the implementation of this project. By sharing our state of the art approach across the alliance, we hope to inspire the creation of a global network of scientists using standard methods and protocols to uncover new medical treatments. This includes soil sampling and GPS localization, sequencing and activating biosynthetic gene clusters. This can be achieved through knowledge transfer and student exchange.